Massachusetts COVID-19 Restrictions

Latest Guidance

Governor's COVID-19 Order #63 (issued February 4, 2021) Rescinded COVID-19 Order #57, established gathering limits of 10 people indoors; 25 people outdoors.

March 22 Appendix to COVID-19 Order #63 (issued March 18, 2021): Superseded gathering limits from above order and amended them as follows:

Gatherings at private residences: 10 people indoors, 25 people outdoors

Gatherings at event venues and in public settings: 100 people indoors, 150 people outdoors

Governor's COVID-19 Order #62 (issued January 21, 2021) Extended the limits on gatherings in COVID-19 Order #59 until 5:00AM on February 8, 2021 unless further extended by a subsequent Order.

Governor's COVID-19 Order #60 (issued January 7, 2021) Extended the provisions of COVID-19 Order #59 until noon on January 24, 2021 unless further extended by a subsequent Order.

Governor's COVID-19 Order #59 (issued December 22, 2020, effective December 26, 2020 at 12:01AM until January 10, 2021 unless further extended) Applied limit of 10 persons for indoor gatherings, 25 persons for outdoor gatherings to both private homes and event venues and public spaces.

Governor's COVID-19 Order #57 (issued December 8, 2020) Reduced the limit on outdoor gatherings statewide from 100 persons to 50 persons. Sustained other gathering limits from Order #54.

Also requires that organizers of gatherings report known positive COVID-19 cases to the local health department in that community and requires organizers to cooperate with contact tracing. The gatherings order authorizes continued enforcement by local health and police departments and specifies that fines for violating the gathering order will be $500 for each person above the limit at a particular gathering.